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Beautiful Home Building Sites and Land for Sale in Southern Indiana

Discover the perfect spot for your future homestead. We have a variety of affordable home building sites and land for sale in the woods of Southern Indiana. Whether you're looking for a private cottage or a piece of land on which to build a home, contact Wardlaw Real Estate. We specialize in premium rural homes and homesites in some of the most beautiful and secluded areas of Indiana.

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An Economics Lecture

These 2 chairs have been in my yard 4 years Two Chairs

Four of the many of the color options
Four Colored Chairs

You can get an Adirondack chair at Walmart for $102.80.

You can get one from my daughter’s store, <Deckdockhome and garden>, for $509.

What’s the difference? Quality of course. I have 2 of her chairs.

1. They have all kinds of outdoor furniture.

2.  The color of Lynne’s chairs is more beautiful, really.

3.  They are very much more comfortable.

4. Made from recycled milk and soap bottles - dense material (less air) and great colors.

5. Made by a family owned company in Rhode Island, 100% made in USA.

6.  Dartmouth college just bought 16 of them. Dartmouth is smart.

7.  Any economist will tell you “Price is the measure of quality”. If price is not the measure of quality then capitalism does not work!

8.  I've been a real estate broker for 40 years, and I see too many expensive, beautiful homes with cheap furniture.

9.  Too many people think cheap is good.

The website is: http://www.deckdock.com/

John, Janet, and John Jr.

About Wardlaw Real Estate

Family-owned since 1979, Wardlaw Real Estate offers premium homebuilding sites and land to those seeking the privacy and tranquility of the southern Indiana woods. Both established residents and newcomers will benefit from the experience and care that our team provides. We founded the company with the goal of offering spacious home sites that preserve the land and natural beauty of Southern Indiana, and we are proud of the reputation we have built over the years.

Husband and wife John and Janet, and their son John Jr., have decades of experience in real estate. John was an economist by trade with a background in real estate. When you select one of our sites, we will walk the property lines with you, point out the unique features of a property, and help you find just the right piece of land for sale for your needs. John Wardlaw Jr., also offers tractor services. Call or email us in Spencer, Indiana, for more information.

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