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Kitchen/DR:  (20’x28’) The room everybody wants. Beamed ceilings, recessed lighting , custom cabinetry,  An island in a room large enough to use it. Fine appliances: microwave oven, large oven, range, and refrigerator. Behind the sink is a nice pantry and cellar entrance. The cellar has a high-efficiency gas furnace and a large water heater.


            Barn: (40’x50’) 2 rooms. One room large, concrete floor, large vehicle door, and several windows. 2nd rooms, gravel floor for lawnmower, tools. Has separate individual door.

View northwest from the Deck, Kitchen and Dining Room.

Backyard View

View from rear deck. The creek that you can see from the rear deck and the kitchen through the trees is just across the north property line

Highway View
This is the view across the highway from the east windows, Living Room, Sun Room, and half the grounds. This is just a typical part of the entire 180-degree panorama.

An economic lecture by a retired professor at Old Dominion University

Two Chairs Four Chairs

You can get an Adirondack chair at Walmart for $102.80. You can get one from my daughter’s store, Deckdockhome and Garden, for $509. What’s the difference? The Quality of course.  I have 2 of her chairs.

1.  They look the same forever.
2.  The color of Lynne’s chairs is more beautiful, really.
3.  They are very much more comfortable.
4.  They are made of recycled material, both the color and the structure are good forever.
Made from recycled milk and soap bottles - dense material (less air) and great colors.
Made by a family-owned company in Rhode Island, 100% made in the USA.
5.  Shipping is free.
6.  They are fantastically more comfortable.
7.  Dartmouth college just bought 16 of them. Dartmouth is smart.
8.  Any economist will tell you “Price is the measure of quality”. If the price is not the measure of quality then capitalism does not work!
9.  I see too many homes with cheap furniture
10.  Too many people think cheap is good.